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Stockton Buffs Pro-am 2019.

The Final

The final brought new professional David Lilley and former professional Paul Davison together in a best of 9 clash at the Buffs on Thursday 8th August 2019.
Paul Davison won the toss and elected to break. Both players had early opportunities but failed to take advantage when on breaks in the thirties, but it was Paul Davison who with a break of 41 took the frame by 71 – 31.
In frame two David Lilley took an early lead with 44 before missing a pot red, Paul failed to take advantage of the miss and let David straight back to win the frame with a score of 89 – 0 and level at 1 frame each.
Frame 3 saw David take an early lead, but he let Paul back to the table, he failed once again to take the opportunity and when the score reached 63 – 15 with only the colours remaining he conceded to give David a 2 – 1 advantage.
It took David Lilley only 3 visits to the table in frame 4 to compile a score of 102 whilst Paul only managed a red and black for a final frame score to David of 102 – 8 and 3 frames to 1 lead.
Following a short break frame 5 got underway with Paul having the first advantage knocking in a break of 38 before missing a red and letting his opponent back in. David levelled the score at 38 and looked as if he would rap up the frame when he unexpectedly missed and easy pot on the yellow, which unfortunately did not go safe, Paul cleared the colours for a frame score of 64 – 38 to pull one back and trail by 3 frames to 2.
Frame 6 saw the highest break of the night when Paul broke down on 16 to leave a long pot red to the top pocket. David knocked it in and from this completed a great break of 86 to go 4 frames to 2 up.
Frame 7, which turned out to be the final frame saw both players going for pots in the middle pocket and then going in off on several occasions. The frame eventually went to David 75 – 48 for frame and match.


The second semi-final was played on Thursday 1st August 2019 and saw Pickering’s Paul Davison take on local player Richard Beckham, who received 7 points per frame start, in the best of 9 match.
In the first frame Richard showed his intent when he put together a fine break of 73 following a missed red from Paul when on a score of 4.
Paul quickly came back at him in the second following a few safety shots he compiled a break of exactly 100 with the black tied up for most of the break.
With the scores level at 1 frame each it was Richard who was in first knocking in a fine break of 80 to go 2 -1 up.
In frame 4 Paul was in following a missed pot black from Richard after potting his only ball of the frame, a red.  A nice break of 57 followed again with the black and pink in awkward positions to let Paul square the match at 2 frames each.
Following a short break frame 5 got under way and proved to be a long drawn out affair with lots of safety play and neither player being able to get started. Richard eventually won it by clearing the last 3 colours to by 62 point to 58 to take the lead again by 3 frames to 2.
Frame 6 was also a frame with lots of safety play and with neither player being able to take the advantage it eventually went to Paul by 71 points to 37 and so we were all square again at 3 frames each.
I frame 7 Richard was in early with a break of 75 to win by 91 points to 5 and go 4 frames to 3 up.
Facing the prospect of going out Paul put everything into frame 8 and when he got in following a missed pot from Richard, he managed a break of 79 to square the match at 4 frames all.
The deciding frame was probably the longest of the night and when Richard was on a score of 38 he looked as though he might just be in but when he missed a surprisingly easy pot he left the door wide open for Paul who managed a break of 57 for frame and match.


The first semi-final was played on Thursday25th July 2019 and brought together last weeks winner, Darren Burns and new Professional David Lilley, Darren received 14 points start per frame.
David Lilley who had struggled in his quarter final clash appeared to be in much better form tonight.  He won the toss and elected to break.  His opponent went in off early on in the first frame but David failed to take advantage allowing Darren back to the table, he potted red, black, red, black but then  missed the next red leaving it for David who knocked in a good 54 break but missed on the green in what should have been a straight-forward clearance. Darren came back to the table needing snookers, he potted the green but failed to get the required snooker and when he fouled on the brown, he conceded the frame for David to lead 1 – 0.
In frame to David was in first but missed when on 16, a failed safety shot from Darren let him back in for a run of 33 which he followed up a couple of shots later with a 66 for a lead of 2 – 1.
In the third Darren was in first with a red and black to lead 22 -0. David fouled on his next shot for Darren to lead 26 – 0 but when an attempted pot red missed and rolled over a pocket David came back and with the black tied up he  put together  a well-constructed break of 97 to take the frame and lead 2 – 0.
Frame 4 saw some excellent snooker from both players, David was in first with a run of 46, Darren followed this with a 23 and with penalty point of  4 and 5 from fouls by David the frame could have gone either way until a run of brown, blue and pink from David was enough for the frame, 67 - 52 and a 4 – 0 lead.
Frame five saw David go in off early on to allow Darren in for a break of 39 before he also went in-off.  Darren potted a number of reds but failed to convert these and with his score on 66 he let David in with five reds on the table, a possible 67, and the black safe on the top cushion, David using the blue constructed a great break of 67 to take frame and match.


In the last of the semi-finals Gary Wilson, the strong favourite to win the event played Darren Burns from Hexham who received 28 points per frame start.
Gary won the toss and from the outset appeared to be struggling, missing easy pots and letting his opponent back to the table on many occasions, he did however manage to put enough points on the board to win the frame by 63 – 33.
In frame 2 following a shaky start Gary managed to knock in a 53 break to take the frame 80-29 and open up a 2-frame lead.
Despite an early run of 32 points Gary was unable to keep his opponent off the table and with a number of small breaks Darren was able to take it by 85 – 64 and pull one back.
Frame 4 saw Gary put together a run of 28 to match the handicap but with a number of missed easy shots and a foul at an important time he allowed Darren to stay with him and with the score at 74 – 46 to Darren Gary conceded and the frame score level at 2 frames each.
The fifth frame saw the handicap play a major role with both players struggling to get going, the frame eventually going to Darren by 61 point to 48 to give him a lead of 3 – 2.
In frame 6 Gary potted a red early on but went in off to let Darren back to the table he then made his highest break of the match, a 33, Gary attempting a pot unfortunately hit the black to give seven points away, Darren came back to the table and put a run of 27 together which wa sufficient for Gary to concede frame and match.


On Thursday 11th July 2019 Paul Davison beat Ashley Hugill by 4 frames to 1.
Paul won the toss and elected to break but left a long red for his opponent who made the pot but unfortunately, he went in off. Paul came to the table with an easy start and quickly put together a nice break of 70 to leave Ashley needing snookers. Ashley came to the table but only made 4 points before missing and allowing Paul to make a further 14 points to make the situation almost impossible for Ashley who nevertheless returned to the table for some potting practice before conceding the frame 85 points to 35.

The second frame saw Ashley in first but on a score of 18 he missed a straightforward red. Paul took the opportunity, but he also missed an easy pot when on 22 and let Ashley back in for a run of 39. A number of safety shots then followed from both players before Paul, attempting a red potted it and went in off leaving Ashley a straightforward clearance of 30 to take the frame by 90 point to 26 and square the match at 1 frame each.

In the third a great break off shot from Paul which finished behind the green leaving Ashley snookered on all 15 reds. He spent some time looking at the shot and then played a good shot to hit a red but unfortunately he left it on and Paul compiled a a great break of 94, which with the black tied up started with 10 reds and 10 pinks and eventually gave him the frame 94 point to nil and a 2 frames to 1 lead.

The fourth frame saw Ashley first in, but he was struggling and only managed to score 19 before missing, Paul came to the table and attempted a pot red which he surprisingly missed to let Ashley back in. Again, he failed to take advantage scoring only six points before missing and leaving Paul, who came out of his chair like and express train, to make a great break of 77 to take the frame by 77points to 25.

Frame 5 was one of those where neither player managed to get started with Ashley making his best break of the night, a 40 to lead by 50 points to 27. He came back to the table but only managed to pot a red to lead at that point by 41 points to 27. Paul came back with a 22 to take the lead 49 - 41 before letting Ashley back to the table, he potted red yellow, green brown but missed the blue to lead 50 - 49. Paul potted the blue for a score of 54 - 50 but missed the pink which he left over a top pocket. Ashley came to the table needing both balls, potted the pink but then went in off to leave the scores 60 -50 in Paul's favour. A number of safety shots followed before Ashley, attempting a long pot left the pink about 10inches away from the side cushion and level with the pink spot, the cue ball was down near the baulk line. Paul had a good look at the pot before getting down and knocking it in for frame and match 66 - 50.