The Brian Newton Cup Team Snooker

The Brian Newton TrophyThis competition is now entering it's third year and was a money only competition with all entry monies being used to provide the prize fund for Winners, Runners up and losing semi–finalists.

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Brian Newton of the Beechwood and Easterside Club has very kindly provided a trophy to be awarded to the winners on an annual basis.

The competition is for Team Snooker players and is a knockout competition. Teams to consist of 6 registered players with any 3 playing the match. A draw for opponents will be made prior to the commencement of the match and each player will then play 1 frame before starting again. In the event of a tie at 3 frames each the team captains will then nominate 1 player each to play a deciding frame.

Games are played on a home / away basis with the team drawn first having the Home advantage. The Home team will be RESPONSIBLE for arranging the game in accordance with the Rules.

The Players WILL be handicapped by the Association whose decision will be Final and Binding.

The competition is open to all club members over the age of 13 provided that they have been members for at least 6 months prior to entering. Any number of teams can enter from the same club and each entry costs £25.00 per team.

Once all entry forms have been received the draw will be made and details will be posted on this site, to access them click on the draw link above.

Details will also be sent to all the sports secretary's at the competing clubs and will also be published in the North Eastern Evening Gazette and Northern Echo Newspapers.

A closing date will be given for each round and this will be STRICTLY adhered to.

Results should be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer.  If no results are received by the closing date the Association Committee will delete the Team drawn at home. If any player has a dispute regarding the Non-Playing of a match and wishes to CLAIM the game this must be done in writing and sent to the Secretary/Treasurer by the closing date, E-mail claims will be acceptable. Claims will be considered by the committee and a decision made which will be final.

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