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Stockton Buffs Pro-am 2019.

The first round of matches got underway last evening the 16th May with Gary Wilson taking on Michael Rhodes.

In the first frame Michael Rhodes broke off having won the toss but left a tricky long red to a top pocket which Gary potted with relative ease and went on to make a break of 80 before missing a tricky red. Michael came back to the table but miss-cued fouling as he did so and having left an easy shot on for Gary he conceded the frame.

In the second frame Gary broke off but left only a tricky long red to a top pocket which Michael failed to pot and in missing left an easy start for Gary who then potted 9 reds and blacks and looked as if he was on for a maximum but missed out on the 10th, very difficult red. Michael came to the table 51 points behind with 75 available, but failed to score leaving a red on for Gary which he potted but then missed the colour. With 52 points difference and 67 possible on the table Michael attempted a long red and again missed leaving a ball on for Gary which he potted making a further break of 52 to go 2 frames to nil up.

In the third following a poor break off shot from Michael Gary again potted a long red from baulk into a top pocket from which he then compiled a total clearance of 140 to lead 3 frames to nil.

Gary was first in in the next frame and looked set to make another big break but when on 44 he had a kick and had to play safe on the colour. Again, Michael failed to score and Gary knocked in 28 points to lead by 51 points. Michael attempting a screw shot failed to pot the red and the cue-ball went in off. Gary potted a red into a baulk pocket and followed this with the green to lead by 86. When Michael played his next shot he missed the pot and left the ball on at which point he conceded frame and match.

The second match resulted in a walk over for Terry Singleton, his opponent Simon Blackwell having to withdraw due to not being able to get transport to the club.